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Parting Left aka Goodbye to Goodbye (2018)



FILM DETAILS Added 2 weeks ago
Parting Left aka Goodbye to Goodbye (2018)

Young-Hee (Chae Shi-Ra) lives alone at an apartment. She has separated from her pilot husband Sang-Jin (Lee Sung-Jae), because he had an affair.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hyo (Jo Bo-Ah) is pregnant, but her boyfriend wants her to have an abortion. Jung-Hyo goes to Young-Hee’s apartment and tells her she will stay there until she gives birth. Young-Hee is her boyfriend’s mother.

Living together, Young-Hee and Jung-Hyo fight with each other, but also come to understand each other.

Genres: Drama Korea, Melodrama, Romance

IMDB Rate: -

Director: Kim Min-Sik

Writer: So Jae-Won, Sal Goo

Stars: , ,